Health Care

Free to choose, free trade 

In a health care system that has unregulated services, insurance, and standards of care companies are forced to compete at a healthy and economically balanced level. When the government starts to get involved everyone suffers, most importantly the care recipient. 


The federal government has no business mandating citizens health care options. While there is a responsibility to protect the overall health and well being of the general public, we do not condone or recognize tyrannical oppression of free trade. 

Current Policy

The introduction of the American Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, a federal insurance system was established and health insurance became a federally mandated service. Since then we have seen some rollbacks on these mandates but the current policy still forces insurance companies, health care providers, and care recipients to comply with arbitrary rules and regulations that have driven up the cost of care, lowered the quality of care and service, and failed to protect patients from unethical financial practices both by doctors and hospitals.

New Solution

The government has only the responsibility to protect the general welfare and safety of consumers. As your representative I would engage in legislation that removed all government obstacles from people seeking health insurance and treatment and lead the fight for patient rights and transparency from care providers. All people should have access to insurance and medical care but at their own expense and based on consensual and responsible agreements.

Mental Health

We have a responsibility to our fellow Americans to provide a safe and happy life for all citizens. The mental health epidemic in our country has reached a boiling point and we should be writing policy that empowers care providers.

Current Policy

The United States has refused for decades to acknowledge the mental health crisis in our country and provide any kind of rehabilitative solution to our fellow Americans who are mentally afflicted with some of the most heart breaking conditions possible. The majority of our prison population and our drug addicted population is ostracized and alienated, preventing them from getting the compassion of care that they desperately need and deserve. The United States is in the top 50 countries around the world in mental illness and suicide rate, which is a shameful statistic for “the greatest nation on earth”.

New Solution

We cannot continue to deny the growing mental health crisis here in the United States. However, the solution is not a responsibility of the federal government. The federal government should declare mental illness and addiction as national health emergencies and work with agencies and charitable organizations who specialize in the care and treatment of these conditions. As your representative I would help organize local, state, and federal cooperation with these agencies to make sure that people who are suffering from unseen illnesses are given the same priority and compassion as those with more “traditional” ailments.

Veteran Health

For the last 60 years, the federal government has banged the drum of patriotism for the men and women who are hero’s of our armed forces. However, we have failed those who have sacrificed everything for our freedoms when it comes to health. 

Current Policy

Our current system of care for the veterans of our armed services is an absolute disgrace. Nearly every man and woman of our uniformed service is suffering from a physical or mental ailment as a direct result of their service to the country and 22 prior service members commit suicide every day. Our VA hospitals are dramatically overscheduled and significantly under staffed. Many veterans do not have care provider choice and nearly all of them are ineligible for different levels of insurance because of preexisting conditions or insurance overlap regulations. These men and women and their families have made a sacrifice to our nation that we will never be able to repay but at the very least we should attempt by providing them with world class care and access.

New Solution

The history of the Veteran Health Administration is plagued with malpractice, ridiculous waiting lines, and billions and billions of dollars in failed subsidies. If there was ever a perfect example of failed government provided health care it is the VHA which is the largest single health care system in the United States. As your representative I would call for the dismantling of the VHA and its nearly 700 medical facilities and propose legislation that gives veterans free health care of their choice.

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