Sam Adams

For Congress – Florida’s 6th District

I want our government to focus on solutions, not on problems. The American People deserve representatives that are willing to put party politics and loyalties aside, and honor their oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and that is exactly what I will do. 

A Vision For The Future

I understand that we have become comfortable with our current system of government. We have allowed our legislature to slowly delegate power to regulatory departments, robbing us of our voice and individual freedoms. I have a plan to reverse this dangerous course of action and put the American People back in charge of their elected officials. 


Actionable Issues

Many people believe that the federal government has the right, sometimes even the duty, to get involved in matters that should be handled by local or state governments. It is important that the federal government uses the Constitution to validate issues and not waste time on matters they do not have the constitutional authority to address. 


Contribute to a Cause

Campaign finance is a complex issue and understanding how a candidate is getting their money tells the voter a lot about where the loyalty of that candidate is going to go in office. In an effort to be completely transparent and to be held accountable to the great American’s in Florida’s 6th District, I will publicly publish all campaign finance reports. 


Don’t Forget to Vote!

Voting is our civic duty and obligation. It is how we honor those who have sacrificed everything to give us the opportunity to make a difference in our lives.








Meet Sam Adams

I was born the youngest of three in a small town in Western Kansas. During my childhood I can remember hearing stories about the founding fathers and how our family was involved in the framing of the greatest country on earth. Throughout my education I was a student of our system of government, our constitution, and the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is because of the sacrifice of our founding fathers and so many brave men and women since then that I was able to focus my ambition on building successful businesses and live my own American Dream. However, that way of life, and that dream, require protection. Our freedom and prosperity is something that must be defended and preserved so that it can be handed down to the next generation of American’s. So, in the tradition of my family, I am running to be your representative so that I can fight to preserve the liberties of the American People and defend our constitution. 

News & Updates

Independence Day 2020

Articles Political Entry244 Years of Declared IndependenceThe unanimous Declaration of The People of the United States of America, When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to disavow political operatives that have governed over them, and...

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Candidacy Withdrawal for 2020 Race

News & Updates Political UpdateCurrent News **MEDIA ALERT** Sam Adams withdrawals from 2020 race Candidate returns to GOP and supports Congressman Waltz Daytona Beach, FL – 08/06/19 – Today, Sam Adams of Daytona Beach is officially withdrawing his candidacy for...

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Daytona Beach Celtic Festival

Libertarian candidate for Congress, Samuel Adams, spent 2 days talking with registered voters in district 6 about his platform and collecting petitions to participate on the ballot for congress in 2020. The event was wonderfully run and featured vendors and musical guests that helped celebrate America’s enriched history with citizens of Celtic backgrounds.

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Sam Adams campaign to represent Florida’s 6th Congressional District is about sending a tenacious supporter of the constitution and American’s rights to Washington D.C. with solutions and a loyalty only to his constituents. Sam Adams has promised an unparalleled level of transparency and integrity with his campaign financing. 

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