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244 Years of Declared Independence

The unanimous Declaration of The People of the United States of America, When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to disavow political operatives that have governed over them, and to assume those powers which they are granted by their creator, decent and respectable people shall make known and declare their grievances which impel them to revolution.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people regardless of class or creed, are created equal and are endowed at birth with certain unalienable rights, among these are Life, Liberty, Security in their person and property, and the Freedom to pursue happiness and relief from affliction. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among The People, and derive their power only from those who consent to be governed. But, whenever any form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of The People to alter or abolish these governments and institute new government on the foundation of these unalienable rights and organizing its powers in a way that seems most likely to preserve their safety, happiness, and prosperity.  Prudence will dictate that long standing governments should not be altered and accordingly history will show that mankind is meant to suffer this tyranny instead of righting these evils by abolishing the oppressive nature to which they have become accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, ultimately pursuing the despotism of The People by the tyrannical use of force, it is the right, it is the duty, of The People to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security and prosperity. This has been the patient sufferance of The People and now it has become a necessity to alter the current system of government. The history of the present Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of this government with repeated injuries and usurpations is clear and inarguable evidence of the tyranny of this government. To prove these claims, we submit the following facts.

  1. Government has refused to comply with the laws binding and constraining its growth as declared in our Constitution.
    1. The 10th Amendment states “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”. Several departments and branches of government have been created that should be run by each state or by free enterprise. We demand to see a reduction, or repeal and delivery, of the following departments: Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, Social Security Administration, The Interior, and Transportation.
  2. Government has repeatedly usurped the 10th Amendment right of the states to govern their citizens in matters not expressly enumerated in the Constitution of the United States.
    1. Marriage, Medicine, Welfare, Education, Agriculture, these are some examples of the Federal Government overreaching its authority.
  3. Government has refused to pass laws accommodating the constituency of The People and has repeatedly gerrymandered districts leveraging The People for unethical advantage.
    1. Private organizations veiled as political parties that use district drawing and immigration as ways of consolidating power creates leverage and civil unrest. Both are examples of extreme abuse of authority against The People.
  4. Government has used exhausting measures within the legislature to pass otherwise contested and unconstitutional mandates that violate the rights of The People.
    1. Government shutdowns, executive orders, trade wars, escalated military tensions, threats of nuclear annihilation, withdrawal of essential care and services until demands are met, these are few of many examples of those elected to serve and defend, with their life if necessary, the natural and inalienable rights of The People failing to act or acting in direct opposition of what is best for The People.
  5. Government has manipulated our sacred chambers of representation to pass laws that infringe on the rights of The People.
    1. The Patriot Act and the 16th Amendment are just two examples of legislation that is so tyrannical, oppressive, and fundamentally violating that they alone are enough to demand a declaration of separation and the construction of a new government.
  6. Government has caused, many times and for long periods of time, the shutdown of functions of government that the consenting population relies on for security and prosperity.
    1. Over the last 30 years, on 10 separate occasions, for a total of 83 days, government officials have shutdown all or parts of the federal government in order to torture their way to a desired outcome. By inducing fear, panic, pain, and suffering to pass laws or gain political victories that had no affect or even negative affect on The People.
  7. Government has endeavored to prevent the righteous and legal population of the States by refusing to pass ethical legislation regulating the migration of foreign people.
    1. Immigration is a natural right not only inalienable to The American People, but to people from all around the world. Immigration brings useful skills, new perspectives, and increased economic output to our country and is something that was embraced by our Founding Fathers. It is a complicated issue but one that can be solved and the refusal of elected officials to find the appropriate solution is a major abuse of power and a violation of the trust of The People.
  8. Government has obstructed the Administration of Justice by refusing to comply with laws established by the judiciary in matters of constitutional rightness.
    1. Income taxes and Prohibition are two of the most common and long lasting examples of the refusal of our federal government to consider precedence created by the highest court in our land.
  9. Government has appointed judges based on their political alignment, molesting and corrupting the blind scales of justice within our judiciary.
    1. Instead of debating, compromising, and reaching conclusive solutions in our legislature, many laws are passed and then debated in the Judiciary. Vehemently abusive infringements of natural rights and limitations of enumerated power are simply passed by simple political majority, without any consideration of The People and then sent to the Supreme Court for debate with no presentation of an ethical and accurate quorum. Gay Marriage is a perfect example of this abuse of power.
  10. Government has erected a global military industrial complex and sent our service men and women to these installations consuming our resources and jeopardizing our security.
    1. Article 1, Section 8, gives the government the right to raise and support armies “but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years” and also to call on the militia (a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency). We have raised and maintained multiple chambers of armed forces for decades and centuries and while this may be an acceptable use of power, as agreed by The People, for the defense of our own sovereign nation, it has been weaponized and used as a political lever throughout the world and often with unparalleled consequence and little consideration of life, decency, or human rights.
  11. Government has perpetuated war and military engagement in order to subvert The People and their right to live peacefully and in economic prosperity.
    1. The attack on the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11, The bombing of the Boston Marathon, over the last 50 years there have been 2,872 reported terrorist attacks, 3,781 fatalities, and 21,707 injuries as a result of actions taken against The People for the sins of our government. We have been lied to on countless occasions as justification for the perpetuation of death and destruction in distant places under the cries of freedom and democracy. There are volumes of evidence that the global military activities of our government are nearly always self-serving and unnecessary and have yet to yield any kind of positive impact on the lives of The People. The cost, both monetarily and of human life, of these activities is abominable and is unworthy of a decent and civilized society.
  12. Government has affected to make the standing military independent of and superior to the civil power and the free militia.
    1. In the 1950’s-70’s there were a series of domestic uprisings based on civil rights issues. Many of these demonstrations, particularly those of a peaceful nature, were met with unconstitutional and abhorrent use of force and violence against The People. Since that time, we have seen the mobilization of force on many occasions and H.R. 5122 encapsulated the abuse. These acts and orders are an unforgivable violation of the rights of The People.
  13. Government has subjected us to a jurisdiction of force foreign to our constitution and offensive to our natural rights.
    1. The government now has an absolute power to suspend rights, imprison, and even garnish property and wages for violation of laws that violate the obligation of consent and precedence of harm or violence. We have more incarcerated citizens than any other country on earth. Countries with Sharia Law, dictatorships, communist regimes, all have lower rates of incarceration than the “land of the free”. If we use incarceration rate and percentage as the litmus test for freedom, we are the last on earth in the very principle that our nation was founded on.
  14. Government has built and maintained large standing bodies of armed troops, able to be commanded to work in opposition to The People.
    1. There have been several occasions in the history of our nation where concerned citizens have called for the reduction in the size and scope of our government, the acknowledgment of equal rights, or the limitation and resignation of corruption in our government. In all cases the threat of force and violence has been used to annihilate any opposition regardless of justifiable cause for concern and action.
  15. Government has used exclusive rules of law to protect these soldiers from justice and punishment in the use of force against The People.
    1. Both foreign and domestically, our government has lied and manipulated facts and records to protect and defend the inhumane actions of those who take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. The bodies of our armed forces are under the command of those elected into positions but are beholden and accountable to The People. The desecration and humiliation of human life anywhere in the world is to be adjudicated by The People and should be publicly disclosed.
  16. Government has used executive power to manipulate and halt trade with all parts of the world on behalf of The People without their consent.
    1. The exhaustive use of executive and legislative power as a vehicle to apply pressure and leverage on other countries, who otherwise enrich or wish to trade fairly with The People, is a direct assault and opposition to the constitutional rights of The People. There are those who wish to do us harm and would do so through the unsafe, unethical, or unfair use of our trade and commerce. However, these actions are seldom the legitimate and proven evidence for our trade practices.
  17. Government has imposed taxes, that desecrate our natural right to property, without our consent and without constitutional authority.
    1. Earnings and income are the product of consensual transactions by free people. They become the sacred property of the recipient and under no circumstances should that be infringed. The application of Tax must be limited to the transaction and may never be applied to the product.
  18. Government has suspended our right to habeas corpus and fair and free trial by a jury of our legitimate peers.
    1. In several examples, both of natural and unnatural citizens, habeas corpus has been suspended and violated. The most recent example of this is during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic in which state and federal governments have instituted orders and instructed public servants to detain free citizens without precedence or injurious evidence. Free people must be able to move freely and with impunity and this natural and inalienable right is being denied.
  19. Government has prosecuted citizens who act in good faith, honor, duty, and integrity with opposition to their wrong doings across the world.
    1. These cases are incredibly notable and two that saw the most exposure of the levels of corruption and defrauding of The People are Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.
  20. Government has enlarged its boundaries to neighboring lands and established arbitrary governments to construct instruments that can be used to leverage The People.
    1. Puerto Rico and other territories and spheres of influence are some examples of the exploitation of foreign nations in opposition to what is best for The People in general.
  21. Government has taken away our Charters, abolished or altered our most valuable laws, and is fundamentally changing our consented forms of government.
    1. By superseding the laws of the state, whatever they may be, and holding that federal laws can still be enforced against individuals who are operating within the law of the state, the federal government has replicated an act that was one of the most egregious justifications for the revolution against the English Crown when the original Declaration of Independence was commissioned.
  22. Government has suspended our legislature and declared themselves by means of executive order invested with the power to legislate for The People in cases.
    1. Examples like FISA, ObamaCare, and The Patriot Act show the boundless depravity of our current federal government. There are countless pieces of legislation that have become law through this process and many of them present real and imminent threats to the safety and prosperity of The People and our future generations.
  23. Government has abdicated its duty to our protection and allowed us to be made vulnerable to those who seek to take advantage of and do harm against, The People and our planet.
    1. Not only do elected officials “get in bed” with corrupt and dangerous corporations and federal department heads, they often make decisions that are paraded as “the will and protection of The American People” but in reality are working in opposition to our health and safety.
  24. Government has plundered our trusts and our economic freedom destroying the lives of many citizens and ravaging our prosperity for future generations.
    1. The handling of revenue, entitlements, and departmental financial activities, has been the single most incompetent and dangerous abuse of power in the history of The United State of America. Not only has our government acquired an insurmountable level of debt, much of which is held by foreign nations that could seek to leverage that debt to harm us, they have regularly used false information, deception, and blatant extortion and money laundering to advance their own interests and prowess directly in opposition to their oath to protect and defend the rights, safety, and prosperity of The People.
  25. Government has moved large armies to complete works of death and desolation without the consent of the governed and unworthy of a civilized nation.
    1. In recent decades hundreds of thousands of lives, around the world, have been claimed by the actions of the federal government. Much of which was done in direct opposition to public opinion or interest, and without the authorization or approval of Congress.
  26. Government has manipulated and propagandized the media to disseminate false narratives that causes division and animosity amongst The People.
    1. The government, and specifically it’s elected agents, have weaponized journalists and the major media to purport certain activities or information with the intention to cause harm, malice, or dissention amongst various groups of The People. The for profit major political parties also manipulate this system of information to advance their own agendas and interests with criminally negligible consideration of the affect on The People.
  27. Government has excited domestic insurrections and used illegitimate power to distract and create dissention amongst The People so that it can further its nefarious intentions.
    1. Elected officials, and in particular the Office of The President of The United States of America, has used civil unrest and dubious language to compel certain groups of The People to act in opposition to unity or in ways that seek to cause harm to themselves or others, as a way of distracting otherwise vigilant citizens from the activities that are being performed under the declaration of our intention.
  28. Government has violated the prosperity and sanctity of our future generations by incurring debts that cannot be paid, building programs that cannot be funded, and perpetuating global conflict and war that comes at the highest cost, the lives of our young men and women. The most egregious culmination of their long history of abuses.
    1. Crippling debts, massive deficiencies in our security and infrastructure, perpetual conflict, war, and death, Mega viruses and diseases, poisonous water and air, critically low homeostasis, all directly accountable to the inability or indifference of our government to honor their oath.

 There are many more offenses that can be added to this long list of oppression. In all stages The People have petitioned their government to correct its course of action and bring restitution to The People. These petitions have been met not with compassion and dignity but instead with repeated injury and increased threat of force. A government that is found to be corrupt and tyrannical is therefor unfit to govern a free people.

It is not our ambition to call to arms in rebellion against this government, but after repeated warnings to our government in their attempts by legislation to extend their tyrannical rule over a free and dignified people, we are left with no choice but to make this proclamation. Having reminded our government and its operatives of our natural and unalienable rights. We have appealed through the highest of courts and sought to bring change through our election system to disavow these usurpations and see that we are made right. Our claims and our wishes have fallen on deaf ears, drowned out by the growing cries of corruption and power. We must, therefore, acquiesce in necessity, which denounces our separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, enemies in war, in peace friends.

Therefore, We The People of the United States of America, assembled and unified, to the highest authority that may wish to recognize such intentions, and with the unalienable right and power to do so granted to us by our creator, do, publish and declare, that The People of the United States abolish and dissolve the Federal Government of these United States, and subsequently its operatives and departments who have been granted authority over a free people not by our consenting constitution but by illegitimate legislation, and from this a new more righteous government will be born and populated with those who seek to do only good for The People and for the future security and prosperity of this nation and of this world. In support of this declaration, and with a steadfast resolve and disposition, we pledge to one another our lives, our resources, and our sacred honor.

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