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The United States of America is one of the most coveted and sacred dreams to many people from other parts of the world. We want to encourage people with the desire for a better life, who want to escape oppression, and who want to contribute to their community to immigrate in a safe and legal way that makes America the shining promise that it once was. 


The United States of America is one of the most prosperous and technologically advanced nations on earth and it is shameful that we are not dedicating the resources necessary to carry out real immigration solutions. 

Current Policy

Currently, the policy of the United States is highly polarized. The left calls for unprecedented amnesty and open borders while the right calls for expensive and ineffective infrastructure and mass deportation. The fact that much of our illegal immigration is actually non-adjusted status and visa overstays from Europe and Asia is often overlooked or totally ignored, creating an infinite lack of compromise or solutions that strengthen our immigration system and security.

New Solution

The reality is that nobody is really talking about a solution to our immigration system. We are constantly forced to chose between “patriotism” and “human decency” which is an immature and irresponsible reaction from our elected officials. As your representative, I would propose legislation that appropriates the necessary funding for a new and totally modernized immigration system that focuses on an “ambassador” program that establishes reasonable and secure requirements for citizenship. This would dramatically reduce the time and cost of legal and safe immigration and would work in cooperation with foreign nations to build the necessary technological infrastructure to protect the United States economy.


The illegal human trafficking system of immigration is dangerous and inhumane. Not only does it create a major security issue for the American People, the people who are forced to use these services are often put at serious risk. 

Current Policy

We have all seen or heard of the dangers at our borders. It is absolutely unacceptable that any human who is trying to escape indignity or danger should end up dead on our borders. However, because our elected officials have negated their responsibility to address this issue in a reasonable and compassionate way, hundreds and even thousands of people have died trying to find sanctuary in the United States. Turning a blind eye and cold shoulder to the inhumane system of illegal human trafficking does not represent what the United States stands for and is not a policy at all, it is a crime against the humanity and decency of people who have nowhere else to go and who have been failed by not one, but two governments.

New Solution

The United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars every year on “humanitarian peace keeping efforts” and maintains and operates over 800 bases globally. However, very little effort is made to actually act in a humanitarian or peaceful way and these are essentially leverage points for our government to strong arm other countries. As your representative I would propose legislation that repurposes those appropriations and those installations as asylum centers that would allow for foreign citizens to seek sanctuary and complete the necessary screening procedures to then legally enter the United States and begin their citizenship ambassador program.

Illegal Immigration

The United States government has a responsibility to protect and defend its citizens. Establishing our territorial boundaries and enforcing the laws of our land is important, but that doesn’t mean it has to lack empathy and dignity. 

Current Policy

The current US policy in regards to illegal immigrants is also very polarized. In certain situations illegal immigrants are granted amnesty and are free to operate outside of the established federal law, in other circumstances they are detained and deported back to their country of origin. This hap-hazard approach to illegal immigration is not only ineffective, it is flawed in every aspect. There is not currently a clearly defined and followed standard operating procedure when it comes to illegal immigration.

New Solution

The United States must maintain a legal precedence for our territorial boundaries and enforce those laws in order to satisfy its constitutional responsibility to preserve the security and general welfare of the American People. However, we cannot and should not be known to foreign nations as hypocrites. Our Statue of Liberty makes a promise to the rest of the world that no matter your socio-economic status or country of origin you are welcome in this land and we should embrace that promise in a responsible and safe way. As your representative I would work with law enforcement and foreign agencies to educate them on our new immigration system and reduce illegal immigration.

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