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The United States federal government, and especially the Supreme Court, has become an over invasive and constitutionally violating force in the personal lives of The American People. People should be free to make their own choices and accept the consequences of those choices. 


Every citizen has the right to make their own decisions about their health, the care they receive, and how they treat their own bodies. Unless it is a direct infringement on another citizens rights there is absolutely no need for government to be involved. 

Health Care

The government has absolutely no authority to mandate any citizen to participate in any program that affects their own mental or physical health. Individuals are responsible, at their own cost and peril, for their health the decisions they make about their health. With the exception of those who are presenting a danger to the population at large with scientifically supported evidence of public health safety practices the government should not be dictating individuals health or health care options and providers.


The federal government is duty bound to protect the “life” of every citizen. That means that the federal government has a responsibility to define life and enforce the protection of that life against harm. The federal government has to stop ignoring the issue, define life based on consensus medical opinion, and then put in place protections for that life. Regardless of the outcome of this responsibility all funding of health services should be ended immediately. 

End of Life

End of life care is the choice and freedom of the individual. The moral and financial cost is not an issue that any local, state, or federal government has a right to interfere with.


For nearly the entirety of our nations history the government has been trying to crawl into bed with the American People. What two or more consenting adults decide to do with their bodies is entirely their own private business. 

Sexual Orientation

Gay Marriage and LGBTQ+ as a whole is a community of AMERICAN CITIZENS. There is no need for special considerations or protections from the federal or state governments outside of what every other American is promised. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Persecution and other issues arising should be handled at the local level and through the appropriate judicial process. In the event their is evidence of prejudice or discrimination, only then would the need arise for higher authority to interfere. 

Sexual Assault

Sexual assaults like rape are vile and hideous and should be punished. Marital Rape is rape all the same. The appropriate authorities should be contacted and a legal proceeding should take place and be heard in due process as with any other crime. Furthermore, false claims of sexual abuse and misconduct should carry equally harsh punishment.

Gender Identity

Gender identity is a popular public platform but the reality is that this is not a federal issue, nor is it a public issue. How an individual feels regarding their biological gender predisposition is their own business and as long as it does not forcibly interfere with another individuals inalienable rights it is a private matter that should be handled privately.


The federal government, far too often, makes futile attempts to over step their power and make choices for individuals and organizations that simply don’t need their input. The American People and organizations should make their own choices. 

Death Penalty

The death penalty is simply not a federal issue. States and their elected officials have the ability, and the responsibility, to prosecute and carry out the penalties for crimes committed within their jurisdiction based on the majority opinion of their constituents. 

Women in Combat

While the federal government may be the governing branch of our Armed Forces, the joint chiefs of staff and more importantly the commanders of each branch of our Armed Forces are in a far greater position of understanding and authority on womens role in active combat. These leaders have a responsibility to determine what is most beneficial to the safety of soldiers and the mission at hand and make the appropriate decisions to result in the least catastrophic outcome. 


It is time to end the war on drugs. It is a costly, damaging, futile, and preposterous attempt at controlling citizens with an iron fist of interferrence. What someone decides to put into their body, as long as it does not directly interfer with the public health and safety or directly infringe on another citizens rights, is completely their own business. This “war” on drugs has created a large and dangerous black market that is responsible for millions of life ending and life altering crimes. 

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