Domestic Policy

Minimizing regulations that limit Freedom

The United States of America is referred to as “The Land of the Free” but over the last 100 years we have become more and more limited in our freedoms. Freedom is God given and government protected, not the other way around. 

Gun Control

The Second Amendment is very clear on the right of citizens to keep and bear arms in the protection of themselves, their families, and their property against any threat foreign or domestic. This includes our own government. 

Current Policy

Both ends of the political spectrum have recently taken aim at the second amendment right of all Americans. We currently do not have a federal “constitutional carry”, certain firearms require additional disclosure and taxes in order to be owned, and there is no national firearms education and licensure requirement. This leaves an incredibly broad scope of firearm ownership and opposition that has created a major political divide in our country.

New Solution

As an avid and tenacious defender of the constitution and the inalienable rights of every American I adamantly object to any form of gun “control”. However, I do believe that we have a responsibility to educate our citizens and provide a level of security that promotes the general welfare of all people. As your representative I would propose legislation that adds responsible and safe gun ownership and operation to the common core of education. I would also propose legislation that creates a federal licensure process, to be paid out of the federal budget each year, that would provide educational endorsements to each citizens state issued drivers license. This system would streamline firearm and accessory transactions without sacrificing security, improve identification for law enforcement, and ensure intelligent and safe firearm ownership and handling for heightened local security.

War on Drugs

For decades the United States government has waged a costly and ineffective War on Drugs that has only produced dangerous black markets and increased homicide rates. It is time we ended the federal governments War on Drugs.

Current Policy

During the Nixon administration, the United States government made a declaration of “war” against all non-FDA approved drugs in America. Every year we spend upwards of 50 Billion dollars on carrying out the activities of the “war on drugs”. This campaign has been an incredibly ineffective offensive strategy that does not address addiction as a mental health epidemic and leads to the death or incarceration of millions of Americans each year.

New Solution

The “war on drugs” has to end and the United States has a responsibility to preserve the freedom of every individual to make informed choices regardless of the risk to their own safety or health. As your representative I would lead the charge in the decriminalization of all drugs, the enforcement of established safety and quality standards, and fight against the pharmaceutical companies who want to retain a monopoly on recreational and medicinal relief. I would encourage local governments to take responsibility for the wishes of their communities and end federal prohibition.

Government Surveillance

The United States governments broad surveillance programs and dealings with media and technology companies to try and compile massive data collections is criminal and a violation of the rights and privacy of all citizens.

Current Policy

After the terrible attacks of September 11th 2001 the federal government invested hundreds of billions of dollars into our intelligence and surveillance networks in an attempt to prevent further attacks against Americans. However, since that time our government has used these resources to illegally mine data and surveil the American People against our wishes or knowledge. Using the protection of the FISA court system to cast broad nets of privacy invasion many Americans are unaware that our government has been documenting our personal and private correspondence.

New Solution

The broad authorization of surveillance against the citizens of the United States is a gross misuse of government authority and a major violation of every Americans constitutional rights. Many Americans would willfully participate in a transparency program to clear their name and deter future terrorist attacks against our country but, do not agree with the government doing so without their knowledge or permission. As your representative I would propose legislation that banned all data mining of personal and sensitive information or correspondence and established a voluntary vetting program that would allow our intelligence community to be more effective at collecting the appropriate data that preserved our resources and was considerate of constitutional rights.

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