A healthy planet for our future generations

The time for political rhetoric and leverage is long over. There is unquestionable scientific evidence that the human race is having a negative affect on the health of our planet and if we don’t come together to fix it, we wont have anything left to give our children. 

Climate Affect

We have seen a significant and measurable rise in the temperatures of sea water as well as a global increase in coral bleaching events which is destroying crucial habitats for wildlife. We need to start focusing on this issue. 

Current Policy

Our current national position on climate affect is dramatic. Radical members of the left are trying to redefine the very system of government in the United States as a way of using force against the American People for unstable and non-feasible solutions to our climate problem. Although there is a scientific consensus on the major causes and plenty of profitable and safe solutions to this issue, the current policy of the United States government has been to ignore this issue. 

New Policy

There is a scientific consensus, within a very reasonable margin of error, that we are negatively impacting the health of our planet and having an accelerated affect on our climate shifts. Instead of a “do-nothing” or “total panic” approach, as your representative I would work within our system of government to propose profitable and job creating solutions to our global climate crisis including, increased sustainable nuclear energy, decreasing “dirty coal” energy production, and private investments and incentives in new energy research and development. 

Clean Energy

We have the means to produce clean energy that is stable and can sustain the power grid. Many of the still developing technologies like wind, solar, and hydroelectic still need some time to be viable but our clean nuclear energy can help bridge the gap.

Current Policy

One of the largest lobby and political contribution presences in Washington DC is the Energy industry. Coal, Hydroelectric, Wind, and Solar energy companies are constantly spending billions of dollars trying to influence and interferre in our system of government. But, for the last several decades we have had a clean and sustainable energy production method in Nuclear energy that often goes totally undervalued and sometimes even presented as an “evil” or dangerous alternative. It is time that the United States focuses on enivronmentally safe and cost effective energy for the American People. 

New Policy

As your representative I would work within Congress to remove the influence of environmentally dangerous energy producers. I would also work to remove the influence of energy producers who have non-viable or non-sustainable energy solutions, Like Solyndra Energy, from interferring in government activities or receiving massive government contracts at the expense of the American People. The energy sector needs to be regulated for safety and environmental impact, but ultimately individual companies and the solutions that they provide will win or lose based on the decisions of a free nation of consumers. 

Clean Oceans

Our oceans cover 70% of our planet and they connect every living human on earth. Recent scientific evidence of increased ocean temperatures and acidity mean that we are doing a poor job of protecting the most important part of our ecosystem.

Current Policy

Many companies throughout the history of our country, have used our oceans as a dumping ground of toxic material and waste. The government has established some regulations and restricitons regarding our oceans and the amount of waste that is introduced but has done a poor job of enforcing those regulations or working globally with allied and non-allied nations to preserve the health of our largest ecosystem. 

New Policy

Coral bleaching events, waste tonnage per year, and the number of suseptable animal species that are affected or die each year because of the introduction of man-made waste into our oceans is shameful. We have a responsibility to take care of our planet and to preserve our oceans as a promised inalienable right to our future generations. As your representative I would fight tirelessly to ensure that we are improving our creation and enforcement of ocean protection regulations and use any and all means available and necessary to generate global cooperation and support of protecting our oceans. 

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