More Prosperous Economic Liberty

The American People were promised the opportunity to build their lives and their prosperity to live their American Dream. That dream is under attack. As your representative I will fight for your inalienable right to live the life you want and have the financial freedom you deserve. 


The United States of America was founded on the principle of a limited government and little to no taxes. However, our world has changed since the founding of the country and now we need a pragmatic and constitutional solution to our tax problem.

Current Policy

Currently our tax policy is one of the most complex financial structures in the modern world. Our tax code is over 74,000 pages and the limitations on taxation have been completely abandoned since 1913. Working class Americans pay an average of 50% of their annual wages in different local, state, and federal level taxes, yet nearly all federal programs are insolvent with no solution in sight.

New Solution

In todays American Society it would be impossible to simply stop collecting taxes and funding the operations of local, state, and federal government. However, there are several ways that we could eliminate the most ineffective and costly departments of our government and collect a much lower percentage of American workers wages while maintaining the most vital parts of our government. My proposal would be to shutdown several departments of the federal government and give the vital functions of those departments back to the respective states, abolish the IRS and the tax code and replace it with a flat consumption tax on all non-emergency goods and services, and provide a trade relief program for 2 years to all tax related skill workers to help transition them to new careers.

Government Spending

Our Congress has become totally out of control and unchecked when it comes to spending on behalf of the American People. Trillions of dollars of publicly held debt and a continued theme of passing deficit spending bills will bankrupt our country. 

Current Policy

Currently our federal government has become an unchecked totalitarian entity that answers to the “alphabet soup” department structure that demands funding without due process or the ability for the American People to assert their individual authority through electoral procedure for how these departments run operationally or financially. Our government has grown is scope and authority at a steady rate of about 4.5% every year for decades and we now have a common practice of approving deficit appropriations and ignoring the debt obligation. There is not currently a publicly available economic plan that the federal government has published to address these issues.

New Solution

In an effort to control spending and bring our nation back to fiscal responsibility and prosperity, I would call for the immediate reduction and consolidation of all federal departments which have constitutional basis and abolish all departments and activities not supported by the constitution, sending any vital operations back to the respective states for individual consideration. Furthermore, I would propose legislation that denied any and all appropriations that exceed the previous years gross revenue and mandate a constitutional requirement for all appropriations in consideration.

Free Markets

The free market is the most accurate system of liberty that we could possibly have. In a free society, the only thing that should dictate markets is supply and demand and that process has come under attack. We need to restore our free markets. 

Current Policy

Currently the federal government has several ineffective and unconstitutional regulatory departments that over burden enterprise and free market growth with suffocating red tape and bureaucracy. There most certainly is a need for oversight to protect the American People from harmful or predatory business practices and goods however, the overlapping layers of government red tape and the investment and subsidizing of higher paying political donors has created a system of winners and losers that has ultimately come at a great cost to the American People.

New Solution

My position is that the governments involvement in free market enterprise ends at the constitutional obligation to protect the general welfare of the American People. Consumer Protection agencies and Business Ethics agencies should exist to monitor the activity of corporate entities in a purely protective capacity. I would end government involvement in the banking and trading industries and remove all regulation from the labor and commodities markets in an effort to allow for greater levels of free trade and competition which would strengthen compensation, quality, and safety of goods in the United States.

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