Foreign Affairs

Limited intervention, Greater strength

Our current level of involvement from an economic and military standpoint is crippling our position on the world stage and hindering our ability to do more right here at home. We should take a lesson from our allies around the world and focus on strengthening our security at home, while using trade and diplomacy to aid our allies abroad. 


The United States has done a poor job of impacting many of the problems that face less developed parts of the world. Many times private citizens and corporations are far more effective at finding solutions and delivering charitable aid. 

Current Policy

For nearly a century the United States government has operated under the opinion that taxing the American People and distributing those funds around the world in the ways that they believe best fits their agenda is the best way to solve global problems. The main issue is that this system creates winners and losers and allocated taxpayer money to areas of the world that many people might have conscientious objections to. Foreign aid should not be used for political leverage and people should be free to choose who deserves their charity.

New Solution

Innovation and crowd funding have become some of the leading pursuits of addressing and solving global humanitarian causes. As your representative I would actively pursue legislation that relieved the tax burden on the American People so that they can give freely to the causes that they believe are best suited to address issues like the environment, clean water, food stuffs, education, and health care in developing parts of the world and in local communities. We would encourage those philanthropic activities by cooperating with organizations who have the infrastructure to carry out their mission.

The Middle East

It has never been profitable or advantageous for the United States to get involved in taking sides in the Middle East. Risking the safety and security of our citizens to try and help wage holy wars is a violation of the enumerated powers.  

Current Policy

For several decades, and for hundreds of years prior to our involvement, there have been ongoing conflicts in many of the countries in the Middle East. The United States has intervened in many of these conflicts and even escalated them at the cost of American and Middle Eastern lives and trillions of dollars of American taxpayer money. Had the government invested the same amount of money into resource extraction and conservation here in the US we would have complete energy independence and be free from any involvement in these conflicts.

New Solution

By focusing on domestic security, reducing our military presence in areas of the world like the Middle East, and committing resources to the development and extraction of our own mineral assets, we can start to remove ourselves from endless holy wars and become more energy independent. As your representative I would fight to these ends and move our national agenda away from continued involvement in the affairs of the Middle East.

Military Installations

Since the early 1900’s the United States has had a foot hold in many parts of the world in hopes of deterring another world war or possible nuclear conflict. However, with advances in warfare and modern technology that is increasingly unneeded. 

Current Policy

The United States maintains and operates over 800 bases outside of our nation. We also have hundreds of additional mobile command stations, unit installations, embassies, and forward operating installations. Costing the American People over half a Trillion dollars each year, this is an ineffective and unconstitutional approach to global diplomacy and cooperation. Many of these installations could be sold or repurposed for activities like immigration reform.

New Solution

The overwhelming cost of active foreign military installations in our annual federal budget is totally unnecessary and unconstitutional. In addition, it takes away from our ability to research and develop new intelligence and defense technology and pay our men and women in uniform a more competitive and fair wage. As your representative, I would introduce legislation that limits the number of active foreign military installations, repurposes many facilities as immigration embassies, and uses a portion of the remainder of the savings each year to give our men and women in uniform a significant pay increase and more options for veteran health care.

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